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Tour Board / Re: Boston Show
« on: September 27, 2008, 03:32:48 PM »
Did anyone catch what Ben said about being compared to Billy Joel during the first set?

He said something to the extent that Billy Joel called him recently, and that he (Ben) felt bad that he had talked crap about him (Joel) before.  Something to that extent, but funny.

Tour Board / Re: Boston Show
« on: September 27, 2008, 03:31:45 PM »
Kinda wish I had gone last night, a 7th Folds show would've been nice.  First time I've ever passed up a chance to see him ... but it was debate night.  Country first, sorry Ben.

That's a pretty lame excuse :) - it was streaming on pretty much immediately after.  I saw the debate when I got back (on CNN's site) - made no difference if I watched the debate live or a few hours later.

Tour Board / Re: Boston Show
« on: September 26, 2008, 10:46:00 PM »
My first time posting here, I figured I'd tack my review onto this thread, I apologize if it should be a new thread.

This was my third Ben Folds show (Smith College in '03 or '04, Orpheum in '05).  While it was still better than most concerts I've been to, I was a bit let down (as was another friend who was with me who has been to almost a dozen Ben Folds shows).

To confirm the song listing, I'm pretty sure everything on the album and the fake album was played (except obviously only one version of Cologne).  The encore has everything I recall hearing, and in the proper order.

We had good seats...for the opening (Missy Higgins, who was later name checked in Rockin' The Suburbs)...(orchestra row C, to the left when looking at the stage), however when they set up Ben's set, the piano was a bit further back on stage than last time.  The problem?  The large video projectors were on either side of the stage, and thus all I could see of Ben (until the fake Frown song when he left the piano) was his knee and a hand on the high notes.  The video projectors were only used a few times (and didn't seem necessary - we're not talking about an impersonal stadium concert in which you need something to watch).  Thus, from where we were, the video concept absolutely sucked.

At first the sound was a bit muffled and the piano low in the mix, but they soon adjusted it and after a few songs, things sounded good.  Of all of the new stuff, I think You Don't Know Me and the Bitch Went Nuts's probably had the best reactions, along with the fake Frown song (since it was a bookend to an absolutely rocking encore).

What didn't seem to work:
- I don't think the current flow of nonstop new stuff works at all...right now.  In a few weeks/months when folks have been able to hear the album?  It could be fine.  As it was, an hour of non-stop new stuff resulted in people staying in their seats the whole time (literally) and even had talking/shouting during some of the quieter moments (Kylie from Connecticut).

- Also, I think the barrage of fake stuff was a bit much and also confusing (had two folks fairly unfamiliar with his stuff with us who kept asking what was what and why).  Perhaps if only 3 or so fake songs were performed (fake Bitch Went Nutz and Frown Song with Ben taking the mic are musts!) and maybe a mini BFF set was inserted into the main portion...

- The video projector - detrimental both to those to the left and right at this venue, and not really useful anyways.

- Frown Song (fake) as a closer - this would have been a great way to close the main set, but it seemed to leave everyone not quite on a high point at the end of the encore (and resulted in the very long cheering noted in the other review).

What did work:
- The encore set was rocking!  The place went nuts and stayed at max volume cheering, dancing, and singing along (horn-vox parts of Army were performed without his usual pre-song prompting) until the fake Frown song.
- The piano effects, including putting the Altoids cans in it.
- Ben's witty banter, as usual - telling jokes, responding well to the random shouts, etc.
- The new material - it sounded good, but see above for placement/sequence.
- The frown guys and the bell guy - hilarious!

Anyways, wanted to type that out before I went to bed 5 hours past my normal bedtime.  Still by all means a good show and, if not for the (pre-album release) timing and the stupid video projectors, it would have been my second favorite Ben show (favorite was just him and the piano at Smith years ago).

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