Dear Ben - an open letter on a possible new BFF record

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Dear Ben - an open letter on a possible new BFF record
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:20:02 AM »
Dear Ben,
We're all big fans of you here.  In fact, some might say you're our favorite.  Most of us love almost everything you've done, and now you have an opportunity to make us all very happy.

PLEASE make a new Ben Folds Five record.  You don't have to rush it, you can take as much time as you guys need to make it great.  Last we heard, you were only in talks about maybe doing another, but this needs to turn to a definite yes.  I personally think that your entire catalog is great.  Ben Folds Five was all of your younger ideas beautifully mixed with those of Darren and Robert.  When you went solo, your style matured even further and we got a different side of you.  But now, you have the opportunity to make pretty much every person on this site, and many many other people elsewhere, very happy.  Your matured style you've crafted over the past 10 years, mixed with those of Darren and Robert would create an excellent piece of music that would be rightfully the 4th BFF studio album that never was.

We all respect your solo career very much.  I don't think you need to go and be doing shows with Darren and Robert for forever again-- that's not really healthy at this point.  Tons of bands split up for a few years for different projects and occasionally reunite for a tour or two.  You've now got an opportunity to hang out with your old pals and make some great music, and then after whatever tours you wanted, you could be on your merry way on other projects.   My point is, there is no longer the bizarre demand that you guys kill yourself with touring anymore.  You're all older now and more established.

Most of us are wetting our pants at the idea of a new BFF record.  So pretty please, indulge us?

Your old pal,
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