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News / Ben on Mixed Bag Radio
« on: May 26, 2005, 10:11:58 AM »

He's on this week--well, this past Tuesday afternoon, last night and again this weekend.

Anyway, if you scroll down that link above to the camera icon, you'll see a video of Ben playing Zak & Sara.

By the way, XM 50 and XM 45 play quite a bit of the Ben for those of you that live in the States and have access to it.

Hope that all are well.

General Board / High School Reunions and Sunny 16
« on: October 29, 2003, 12:27:02 PM »
I was struck by something today on my way back from lunch while listening to Learn To Live With What You Are.

This weekend I will be attending my high school reunion--my 25 year reunion. :o  For some reason, the above song really seemed to fit the occasion.  And it got me wondering as to what Ben's inspiration for the song was being that he's probably about a year or so away from his 20th.

I remember my 10 year reunion--a bunch of 28 year olds back together, most of us 3-6 years into our careers after college.  It was a reunion of posing.  The plain Janes who had blossomed were decked to the nines.  The folks that no one thought would amount to much, but had (at least as much as one could by age 28), were hyping up their successes.  The ones who were pretty much doing as expected (at least if expected to be doing well) were there.  But noticeably absent were those who were not living up to expectations--Mr. and Ms. Popular who may have reached their zenith between the ages of 16 and 18.  There was a lot of talk about who we were all becoming or what we were gonna be/do.

Ten years later at our 20th, the landscape had changed.  We were 38 and we pretty much were who we were and who we were going to become.  And you know what?  We were all pretty comfortable with it.  Successful or not.  Married or divorced or remarried or single.  Balding or graying.  While we all still had much living to do at that time, we also had grown comfortable with where we were.  There was virtually no posing and as a result, we all had a good time.  I'm not saying we were all giddily happy in our lives, but I think we had all "Learned to Live with What" we were.

And so I guess I'm saying that the chorus to this song really resonates with me:
There's never gonna be a moment of truth for you
While the world is watching
All you need is the thing you forgotten
And that's to learn to live with what you are

I doubt this is a song or sentiment that Ben could have written 10 years ago.  But it's one of the great things about getting to watch and listen to a favorite get older--the perspective changes:  for them as well as for us.

Just some rambling thoughts that hit me.  Thanks for reading.

~Fan, who long ago learned to live with what I am

General Board / It's September 29, so....
« on: September 29, 2003, 07:21:22 AM »
Jane_Be_Older.  Today.  Yay!!

Happy Birthday JBJ.  Hope that it is a good one for you.

~Fan, your fellow September celebrant

General Board / R.I.P. Johnny Cash
« on: September 12, 2003, 07:47:05 AM »
The music biz loses another giant. :(

And with June's death earlier this year, I'm reminded:

next door there's an old man
who lived into his nineties
and one day passed away in his sleep
and his wife, she stayed
for a couple of days and passed away

R.I.P. to the Man in Black.

Tour Board / Songs Played/Not Played on Tour
« on: November 07, 2001, 10:36:22 AM »
Maybe this will spark some discussion.  We know what Ben has played on the fall tour:
So we also know what he hasn't played.  My question is: what song are you most surprised that he did play and what song are you most surprised that he didn't?

I think I'm most surprised by Smoke. Especially as an encore. With the exception of Evaporated and the Luckiest, Smoke was the only slower song he played in the encores, but I just don't think it ever resonated with the crowd the way the faster sing-along favorites did or the way that Evaporated and Luckiest did. At some point early on in the fall, it seems Ben may have felt that way too as it completely disappeared from his repetoire after Providence.

Had he not played Emaline in Denver, I would have chosen it as the song I was most surprised he didn't play. But he did so I'll pick Don't Change Your Plans. It was very surprising to realize that he never played a single song off TUBORM and I think this is the one he might have.

What does anyone else think?

Tour Board / Fall Tour Analysis
« on: October 29, 2001, 04:51:50 PM »
After 28 shows and 3 mini-shows, the first leg of the fall tour (9/7/01-10/17/01) is over.  The following is the analysis of what he played in the full shows (I will update this when, and if, I ever find setlists for Charleston, Omaha and Vancouver):

Not the Same: 25 full shows plus Bowling with Ben

Zak & Sara:  25 full shows plus Bowling with Ben

Fired: 25 full shows plus Buzzfest and Bowling

Gone: 24 full shows (not played first night Cat's Cradle)

Annie Waits:  22 full shows (not at first Cat's, D.C. or Philadelphia)

Still Fighting It:  25 full shows plus Bowling

Hiro: 25 full shows plus Starbucks, Buzzfest and Bowling

Lisa:  25 full shows

Stan:  25 full shows

Fred Jones:  25 full shows plus Starbucks

Make Me Mommy: 24 full shows (not at first Cat's Cradle) plus Buzzfest and Bowling

Rockin the Burbs: 25 full shows plus Buzzfest and Bowling

Carrying Cathy: 6 full shows--Both Cat's Cradles, Cincy, Detroit, Philly and Second El Rey

All of the above were played during the main set.  The following four songs were each played once during a main set:
Luckiest: Denver
Imitation: Portland
Sweet Home Alabama: Cincy
He's a Pest: Portland

The following were played as encores:
SFTD: 25 full shows plus Buzzfest and Bowling

Philosophy:  21 full shows (not at either Cat's Cradles, Pittsburgh, and Providence)

Dwarf:  16 full shows (Pittsburgh, first Cat's, Providence, Boston, Nashville, New Orleans, D.C., Lawrence, Detroit, Toronto, Minneapolis, Denver, Philly, Portland, Seattle and first El Rey) plus Starbucks

Imitation: 12 full shows (Pittsburgh, both Cat's, Boston, Austin, Nashville, D.C. Lawrence, Cincy, Toronto, St.Louis, and first El Rey) plus Starbucks and in the set in Portland because of the broken guitar string

Evaporated:  10 full shows (Cincy, Detroit, Dallas, Toronto, Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, San Fran and both El Reys)

Kate:  9 full shows (Providence, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Portland, San Fran and both El Reys, the second night with Hanson)

Luckiest:  7 full shows (Boston, Austin, Nashville, Chicago, St Louis, Philly and Portland) and in the set in Denver

Smoke:  5 full shows (both Cat's Cradles, Pittsburgh, Philly and Providence)

Morgan Davis: 2 full shows (second Cat's Cradle and Minneapolis)

Last Polka:  2 full shows (second Cat's and Lawrence)

Jackson Cannery:  2 full shows (Providence and Atlanta)

The following were only played once at the indicated site:
Where's Summer B?: Atlanta
Video:  St. Louis
Emaline:  Denver
"Note to Ben": Second El Rey
"Play a Song":  Boston
Bottle Let Me Down:  Bowling
Rocker Tommy Lee:  Dallas and (maybe) Austin

Fewest songs in an encore:  Three--New Orleans

Most songs in an encore:  Six--Denver and first El Rey

Fewest songs in main set: Ten--first Cat's and D.C.

Most songs in main set:  Thirteen--Denver (or 14 Portland depending on how you count the 2 songs played when Snuzz broke his guitar string)

Opening song on every full show:  Not the Same
Last song before encore on every full show:  Suburbs
Last encore on every full show:  SFTD

Please note, this analysis does not include the 4 U.S. shows in July or the Austrailia, Atlanta and U.K. shows from August).


Tour Board / Ben debuts "the other" Grinch song
« on: November 28, 2001, 04:38:09 PM »
I posted this on the Setlist thread, but it's interesting enough for its own thread. On Saturday night in Norfolk, Sunday in Richmond and Monday in Raleigh, Ben played Santa is a Big Fat f*ck.  You know, the song he originally had written for the Grinch movie last year before he *found out* it was a family oriented movie.  Reports from those who have heard it are that it is an hysterical romp.  And maybe something to look forward to in concerts between now and Christmas.

Tour Board / Fall Tour Part 2 Analysis
« on: December 18, 2001, 06:11:18 PM »
After 19 full shows, an abbreviated set in Charlotte and 1 solo show at the Bowery Ballroom, the second leg of the fall tour (11/19/01-12/14/01) is over.  The following is the analysis of what he played in the full shows as well as a notation of the Bowery and Charlotte:

Not the Same: 19 full shows plus Charlotte

Zak & Sara:  19 full shows plus Bowery and Charlotte

Fired: 19 full shows plus Charlotte

Annie Waits:  19 full shows plus Charlotte

Still Fighting It:  19 full shows plus Charlotte

Hiro: 19 full shows plus Charlotte

Lisa:  16 full shows (not in Columbus, Hartford or SeaBright)

Stan:  19 full shows plus Bowery

Fred Jones:  19 full shows plus Bowery

Gone:  19 full shows

Make Me Mommy: 19 full shows

Rockin the Burbs: 19 full shows plus Charlotte

Carrying Cathy: 7 full shows--Rochester, Albany, Indy, Columbus, Irving Plaza(NYC), Hartford and SeaBright

All of the above were played during the main set.  The following seven songs were each played once during a main set in a full show save for the jam which was played twice:
Short Bus Billy: Birmingham
Brick: Birmingham
Jazz improv jam: Urbana and DeKalb
High On Life: Urbana
Shit Piano Diddy: Urbana
The Bottle Let Me Down Tonight: DeKalb
Daniel Johnson song: Hartford

The following were played as encores (or in the main set of the Bowery Ballroom solo show, noted as BoweryMS):

SFTD: 19 full shows plus Charlotte

Philosophy:  16 full shows (not at Birmingham, Ft. Wayne, or Ziggy's) plus BoweryMS

Dwarf:  13 full shows (not at Albany, Norfolk, Raleigh, Urbana, Indy or Columbus) plus BoweryMS

Imitation: 12 full shows (Rochester, Albany, Town Hall/NYC, Norfolk, Raleigh, Birmingham, Athens, Indy, Columbus, Ft. Wayne, Irving Plaza/NYC, and Ziggy's) plus BoweryMS

Evaporated:  10 full shows (Rochester, Albany, Town Hall/NYC, Raleigh, Athens, Louisville, Indy, Madison, Columbus, Irving Plaza) plus Bowery

Bizzare Christmas Incident (the Santa Song):  6 full shows (Norfolk, Raleigh, Birmingham, Louisville, SeaBright and Ziggy's) plus BoweryMS

Kate:  5 full shows (Albany, Baltimore, Raleigh, Urbana and Indy) plus Bowery

Boxing:  4 full shows (Baltimore, Ft. Wayne, Hartford and SeaBright) plus BoweryMS

Eddie Walker:  4 full shows (DeKalb, Madison, Irving Plaza/NY and Ziggy's) plus BoweryMS

Luckiest:  Urbana and BoweryMS

Alice Childress:  Urbana and BoweryMS

Hava Nagila:  DeKalb and BoweryMS

Selfless, Cold & Composed:  DeKalb and BoweryMS

One Down:  Columbus and BoweryMS

Army:  Bowery and Irving Plaza/NY

The following were only played once at the indicated site:
Video:  Athens
Uncle Walter:  DeKalb
Satan is My Master:  DeKalb
Last Polka:  DeKalb
Battle of Who Could Care Less:  DeKalb
Eminem Rap:  Ft. Wayne
Sweet Home Indiana:  Ft. Wayne
Morgan Davis:  BoweryMS
Mess:  BoweryMS
Golden Slumbers:  BoweryMS
Emaline:  BoweryMS
Don't Change Your Plans:  Bowery

Most songs in an encore:  Eight--DeKalb

Most songs in main set:  Fifteen--Urbana

Opening song on every full show:  Not the Same
Last song before encore on every full show:  Suburbs
Last encore on every full show:  SFTD

Tour Board / Remember to post Set Lists
« on: September 07, 2001, 09:11:19 AM »
If you're looking for Ben Folds' solo tour setlists, this is the thread for you.  It was started way back in Sept 2001 with this reminder.  If the setlist has been posted somewhere, you'll find it on the pages of this post, more or less in chronological order. Enjoy. BFFan

Well, tonight's the night.  Six weeks straight of Ben Folds in concert.  For those of you lucky enough to go, how about posting setlists after you get back from the show.  We had pretty good success on the mini tour with them.  Let's keep it going.  Up first, Cat's just about 9 hours.  Woohoo!!

Tour Board / Houston, Texas March 8, 2002
« on: March 09, 2002, 12:27:29 AM »
Okay. I've posted the setlist on the setlist thread, but here is a more detailed report on the show that I've just gotten back from.

First, let me say that I have had a hellacious week at work. I got home tonight just in time to watch my Heels give their best against Duke in the ACC quarterfinals (like any of you care).  :P

Anyway, I had really been looking forward to this show, but my week made it such that I had not really been able to get as excited as I had hoped to be.  We live about 5 minutes from the Verizon and arrived about 8:45.  I think Neil Hannon was just finishing up his set. I say I think, because when we finally got in to the venue itself, the opening was over.  He either played a really short set, they started obscenely early or both.  Oh well, and I had kinda wanted to finally see a decent opener after suffering through Citizen Cope.

Ben came on stage at 12 past 9...those of you planning on showing up "fashionably late" beware. The intro was the theme from Goldfinger. The Verizon is a great venue, but it is almost too versatile. We've got a couple of really good 400-500 capacity venues here and the Summit at 15,000. Verizon is the tweener...we've seen Pumpkins and Mary Chapin Carpenter there. Tonight was set for a standing crowd with some low risers in the back of the room.  There may have been as many as 600 there tonight...making it somewhat less intimate than desirable.

Boxing was followed by Z&S, on which he f*cked up the second verse singing "She saw the lights, she saw the pale...oh wait, I just f*cked that up didn't I." He then got back on track.  Eddie was followed by Annie.

As he introduced One Down he said some record contracts require the artist to put "red M&Ms in a condom" to give to the label; his required 4.6 more songs.  He introduced Still Fighting It as his first song on Free from the Man Records.

Battle with fairly weak crowd doo...doo...doos was followed by Philosophy which he ended by doing a microphone tap on the piano strings. Then Stan, Kate, and Fred preceded RTS. He said it was originally named "Korn sucks" but thought any song with Korn in the title really would suck. Audience participation was better for Army's horns. OAD closed the main set.

He came back for the encore saying "I just checked the computer to see what we have never played in Houston." Evaporated ended with several lighters in the air. That led to a story about Coliseum shows where he used to go see Heart, Kansas and Seger. He said the only Coliseum show they ever did was opening for the Foo Fighters where no one knew who the f*ck they were. But there were lots of lighters. Shut the f*ck Up followed with a snippet of Free Bird. He then took a written request and played DCYP.

Finally he talked about major chord = happy, minor = sad, diminished = going to hell, and augmented = going to heaven. He finished up with SFTD...a very different version. Not a particular favorite for me (I like the original and even the version from the fall...but this fell flat for me).

10:30 and it was all over. We got a new solo tour long sleeved black t-shirt with dates on the back. After such a long week we just were not up to hanging out after to visit. There were only 10-15 waiting as we drove past the back of the Verizon on the way home.

A great show, but not as great as the Bowery.  And I've now seen three shows since July 2001 and haven't yet heard the Luckiest :( >:( . This marks the 7th overall time to see BF/F and still no Emaline even though I was shouting it at the top of my lungs 10+ times tonight.

Tour Board / Solo Tour Analysis
« on: April 03, 2002, 10:00:14 AM »
All right everyone.  The first leg of the solo tour is over. 27 full shows plus a mini free show at the House of Blues in Chicago. We've got the setlists for everyone of them except Boise on the setlist thread. But what did Ben play overall and how many songs per night? Look no further.

(Number of times = full shows; Chicago House of Blues noted as CHOB)

26:  Zak & Sara plus CHOB
    Army plus CHOB
    Philosophy plus CHOB
    Rockin the Suburbs

25:  Annie Waits (not at Santa Rosa) plus CHOB

24:  Stan (not at Santa Rosa or Solana Beach) plus CHOB
    One Angry Dwarf (not Seattle or Santa Rosa) plus CHOB
    SFTD (not Iowa City or Anaheim) plus CHOB

23:  Eddie Walker (not Santa Rosa, LA2 or Solana Beach)
    One Down (not Salt Lake, LA2 or Anaheim)

22:  Kate (not Santa Rosa, SF2, LA2 or Vegas)
    Still Fighting (not NH, Seattle, SF2 or LA2) plus CHOB

17:  Battle of Who Could Care Less

15:  Fred Jones Part 2 plus CHOB
    Morgan Davis

13:  Evaporated

12:  Girl
    Not the Same

11:  Brick plus CHOB

10:  Best Imitation of Myself
    Selfless, Cold and Composed

8:   Mess
    The Last Polka

7:   Emaline

6:   Alice Childress

5:   Video
    Purple Haze (one verse)

4:   Don't Change Your Plans (Minn, Hou, Phoe, Den)
    Golden Slumbers (Aus, Den, SR, LA2)
    Ultimate Sacrifice (Port, LA2, LV, Ana)

3:   Cigarette (Iowa, Minn, Ann Arbor)
    Chopsticks--Liz Phair cover (Ann Arbor, Aus, SR)

2:   Hiro's Song (Minn and Santa Rosa)
    Hava Nagila (Milwaukee and LA1)
    Carrying Cathy (Chicago and Solana Beach)  
    Uncle Walter (Austin and Santa Rosa)
    Underground (Austin and Solana Beach)
    Julianne (Austin and Santa Rosa)
    Short Bus Rap (Anaheim and Solana Beach)

He also played each of the following songs once at the site indicated in paretheses:
Chicago/Cybercast (Chicago)
Rock the Bitch (Chicago)
Lullabye (Chicago)
Them that Got--Ray Charles cover (Chicago)
Video Killed the Radio Star (Carbondale)
Shut the f*ck Up (Houston)
Dr. Pyser (New Orleans)
35 Thousand Feet of Despair--Flaming Lips cover (Austin)
Where's Summer B? (Austin)
Missing the War (Austin)
Fayetteville (Denver)
Wanna Have Baby (Denver)
I Ain't Seen Nothin Yet--Ray Charles cover (Denver)
Gone (Salt Lake)
Twin Falls (Boise) the only report we have from this show
Silver Street (Portland)
Steven's Last Night in Town (Seattle)
Jackson Cannery (Santa Rosa)
Vaseline--Flaming Lips cover (Santa Rosa)
a Daniel Johnston cover (Santa Rosa)
Note from Laura and Annie (LA2)
Air (LA2)
Louis Took a Big Fat Shit (LA2)
Freebird (Las Vegas)
My Baby Don't Care (Anaheim)
Mr. Rogers theme (Anaheim)
Elvin Bishop (Anaheim)
Jane (Solana Beach)  

Tour Board / Solo Tour Analysis--Part Two
« on: July 08, 2002, 06:29:16 PM »
Well, the second leg of the American tour is over. 24 full shows plus a mini-show as part of a festival in Baltimore.  We've got the setlists for everyone of them except Charleston SC on the setlist thread.  But what did Ben play overall and how many songs per night?  Look no further.

(Number of times=full shows; Baltimore noted as such)

23: Zak & Sara plus Baltimore
   Philosophy plus Baltimore
   Not the Same plus Baltimore
   Annie Waits
   Eddie Walker

22: One Angry Dwarf (not at Lincoln)
   Rockin the Suburbs (not at Boston)

21: SFTD (not Portland where string broke or Albany)

19: Fred Jones Part 2 (not Atlanta, KCMO, Clive or the Vic)

18: Kate (not Pittsburgh, Rochester, Philly, Boston or New Haven)
   Narcolepsy (not DePaul, DC, Clive, Milwaukee or Newport)

16: Morgan Davis

15: Mess (usually with Neil Hannon)
   One Down

14: Luckiest

13: Selfless, Cold and Composed
   Where's Summer B? (at every show after Boston except Charlotte and St Louis)
   Short Bus Benny (may be underrepresented)
   Still Fighting It (plus Baltimore)

12: Evaporated
   Ascent of Stan

11: Girl

10: Tiny Dancer (at 9 of the last 12 shows on this leg)

9: Brick
  Last Polka

7: Battle of Who Could Care Less
  Best Imitation of Myself
  Golden Slumbers
  Ultimate Sacrifice

6: Gone

5: Boxing

4: Alice Childress (Portland, Atlanta, St Louis, Lincoln)
  Underground (DC, Atl, Pontiac, Vic)
  Silver Street (Lincoln, Pontiac, Vic, Louisville)

3: Cigarette (Portland, DC, Albany)
  Lullabye (Atlanta, Albany, Newport)

2: MTV Movie Song (Northampton and DC)
  Jackson Cannery (Boston and New Haven)
  Kalamazoo (New Haven and Pontiac)
  Missing the War  (New Haven and Albany)
  Pyser (played as part of philosophy many times, but singled out on the following lists: Atlanta and KC)
  Man Obsessed-Daniel Johnston cover (StLouis and Lincoln)
  Them that Got-Ray Charles cover (Northampton and Boston)
  South's Gonna Do It Again (Vic and Louisville)

He also played each of the following songs at the site indicated in parentheses):
Chopsticks (though also played as part of philosophy, only noted as a stand alone song in Pittsburgh)
Piano Man-Billy Joel cover with Ben lyrics (Pittsburgh)
Uncle Walter (Northampton)
Julianne (New Haven)
In Love (Atlanta)
Video (Atlanta)
Kumbaya (Atlanta)
Raindrops (St Louis)
Hava Nagila (St Louis)
Rock That Bitch (Clive)
Tom & Mary (Lincoln)
Say Yes-Elliott Smith cover (Vic)
Careless Whisper-Wham! cover (Vic)
Twin Falls (Louisville)
Carrying Cathy (Newport)
Beverly Hillbillies theme in German (Newport)

There were also numerous "improvs" noted in the various setlists posted on that thread, but they are too difficult to specify for the purposes of this list.

Tour Board / Solo Tour Setlist Thread
« on: February 18, 2002, 07:13:22 PM »
We're one week away from the start of the solo tour.  Starting on Feb 25 and going through April, check back here to see what Ben played where.  

For the fall tour, we had a pretty good thread going that you can check out here:

We'll actually have a fair number of board members who will be attending these shows, so we should have another great thread.

Tour Board / Setlist Thread for UK tour
« on: September 27, 2002, 10:45:20 AM »
They've waited over a year to see him. Melanor Rigby petitioned Sony to have him come across the pond to play. They've been filling up the Tour Board with plans of meeting to see his shows.

And now it's time for our UK based friends to fill us in on all the details of the shows over the next couple of weeks. If you're lucky enough to go, do us all a favor and share the setlists here.

[added on 10/1/02] go to this link for actual setlists:

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