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Title: setlist for 2015/09/14 Ben Folds & yMusic Moore Theater Seattle, WA
Post by: Fongolia on April 25, 2017, 09:04:46 PM
From the setlist I took:

I didn't take any notes, so I can't verify how closely they followed this and it's been so long I don't remember any details either.

Ben Folds & yMusic
Opener: Mindie Lind
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA

1. Beautiful Mechanical (yMusic)
2. So There
3. Long Way to Go
4. Not a Fan
5. Effington
6. I'm Not the Man
7. Phone in a Pool
8. Mess
9. Music in Circles (yMusic)
10. Yes Man
11. Erase Me
12. Jesusland
13. Capable of Anything
14. Steven's Last Night in Town
15. You Don't Know Me

Not the Same