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General Board / Tour Covers...
« on: May 12, 2009, 08:03:37 AM »
so i was thinking about covers that ben could do on tour or something, i'd like to hear your guys suggestions and maybe hell he might even read it and like some.

here's the small list of mine that i think he could do

Die A Virgin (Divine Comedy)
Diva Lady (Divine Comedy)
My Doorbell (The White Stripes) [this is the one i really want to hear, he could do this so well]

I haven't really thought of any others, those are just the ones off the top of my head.

Tour Board / The Ryman 4/07/09
« on: March 17, 2009, 07:51:29 PM »
so anyone have any tickets to the ryman that they aren't going to use? i'd love to be able to get at least a ticket that isn't limited view or obstructed view.

i mean i'll probably settle for one of those or a balcony seat later this week like sunday. or i'll play my chances because the site says more tickets become available near when the show is.

i wish i had the money when the presale was going on :(

Tour Board / 2/27/09 [Atlanta, GA]
« on: February 27, 2009, 12:22:13 AM »
so i'm heading to the atlanta show tomorrow, i'm gonna try and leave my house at 10:30 so i can be there by 1:30. if i haven't already met you come say hi, i'll be sitting on a chair with a nirvana hoodie on.

i'm almost as excited to see miniature tigers as i am to see ben. this show is gonna rock.

i'll make sure to post the setlist when i get back tomorrow night.

Tour Board / Knoxville [2/22]
« on: February 22, 2009, 10:13:32 PM »
this was quite possibly one of the greatest experiences i have ever had. ever.

Bitch went Nutz
You Don't Know Me
Annie Waits
Alice Childress
Way to Normal
Lovesick Diagnostician
Dr. Yang
Free Coffee
Still Fighting It
Rockin' the suburbs
Zak and Sara
Tom and Mary

those aren't in order at all. but f*ck, tom and mary, i'm so glad i got that. i almost didn't get to hear it, i kept yelling for it but my voice had gone out a little earlier than i had expected. but thanks to our good user Boz here, we got to hear it. thank you so much, and just in case you didn't know i am the guy who gave you the thumbs up right after ben started philosophy.

also i have to say this, miniature tigers are an amazing band deserving everything they get. nice guys too.

Album Board / Your mission should you choose to accept it...
« on: December 14, 2008, 10:23:51 PM »
... is to come up with a list of songs for the Five and Ben's Solo work so I can give them to my friend to ease him into Ben. I can't really do it myself since most of his work is brilliant in different ways and awesome, well at least I think it is, so please help me out!

Transcription / Transcription Program!
« on: December 07, 2008, 09:40:50 PM »
I need a transcription program, well not so much transcription, but a music writing program.

I've figured out the bass line to carrying cathy about note for note, note quite sure as the bass is lower in the mix and I've a need to write it down.

Any suggestions?

General Board / Wikipedia update...
« on: November 20, 2008, 09:13:17 PM »
...about Darren Jesse.

Damn it, people, I'm tired of just seeing two sentences under this man's name! TWO Sentences. What. The. f*ck. This needs to be changed and now.

I'll do it, I'm not asking anybody else to do it, but I don't have that much information about the man. I need all the info about him we can get. PLEASE! This is a wrong that needs to be righted. Is there no justice in the world?!

Tour Board / My Louisville Show experience
« on: October 05, 2008, 12:15:56 AM »
So for starters I almost didn't make this show for lack of desire, I was kinda bummed that no one I knew was going to be there and It'd be the first show I went to by myself. So I had to strap on my big boots and man up to make it. After a couple of last minute changes, i.e. switching cars and the like I ended up on the interstate a half hour than I thought I was going to. For the drive I ended up listening to a half of silverman and the whole of BFL. Enjoyable drive uneventful 3 and a half drive.

So I get to Louisville and drove around for at least ten minutes trying to find a godd*mn parking spot. I f*cking hate cities, well I take that back I love cities, I just hate the people and driving in them. After finding a parking lot I briskly walked over to the orchestra hall. Might I say after walking in the street entrance I wasn't that impressed but when I got to the main lobby I was taken back at how well designed this place was, it was amazingly huge for being such a small area.

After I got over the fact this place looked awesome I went over to will call and grabbed my ticket, no problems there so thank god. 30 minutes still till the show started, so I decided to stand in line for the merchandise table, partly so I could buy a tour shirt and partly so I could tell Merch Mistress that the staff part of the DVD was my favorite part. As I was standing in line I chatted up a fellow fan who had been to six shows to my four. Pretty nice fellow. Anyway by the time I got the shirt and had told the Merch Mistress how I love the DVD I ran up to where I was sitting so I could make the Orchestra's pre-Ben show. Let me say that Bob Bernhardt, the conductor, was f*cking cool. He was as crazy about Ben as we are, and every classical piece he picked had to do something that could be tied to Ben.

Anyway Ben came out on to the stage while the orchestra was doing the intro to Zak and Sara, which was cool as hell. Then if I'm not mistaken the next song was Smoke, which threw me for a loop, I thought it'd be later in the set.
The next song I remember him playing is All U Can Eat, which with the symphony was f*cking AMAZING, the crowd was laughing and everybody had a good time, threw a couple of the older audiences members for a loop what with all the "They give no f*cks" and all, oh and Ben forgot the last line of the last verse, figures he can't do a show without screwing something.
Then I think he played Effington, which was awesome with a symphony.
Then he talked about a song being in a movie and said it was Landed, but then after playing he realized he was wrong and that it was Jesusland. Which he went into next, by the way both songs were awesome with symphonies behind them.
Next was a ten minute story about gracie and louis and who was born first and that though they are twins they're born on different days and have different star signs, which he said "I don't care about that stuff, but I'm f*cking proud of it." Then Gracie came and I was blown away at how it sounded, that's one of my favorite songs from Silverman and it was made so much better with a symphony.
 Ascent of Stan was next, I loved the beginning of the Chorus's with the basses and tubas backing him, f*cking ace.
Then Fred Jones part 2, a staple at these symphonies.
 He did One Down solo, after explaining it, which made everyline in the damn thing crack me and everybody else up.
The he f*cked around with the mic stand and almost broke it, trying to get it to stand right. He directed everybody in a resounding rendition of Not the Same, while dancing to the band at some points.
I knew this next song was coming up, 'cuz I heard one member of the band practicing a part in it, it was Steven's last night town, this was even more awesome in person, one of my favorites of his.
Narcolepsy ended the main set with a man named Ricky, who garnered shouts from friends and family I think, I ended up closing my eyes when he was singing just so I could focus intently on it and during the "I'm not tired's" at the end with Ben and Ricky going at it chills went up and down my back.

I honestly thought it was over after that, and was ready for it to be over, but Ben came back to cheers to do an Encore and he played the luckiest. Good song, wish he'd f*cking played Kylie though, godd*mn the one song I really wanted to hear.

After it was over I walked out to where Ben's bus was, by the time he came out there must have been forty people or so there, so I didn't want to stand smashed against someone else and I went and said high to Micheal Prater, and Leo. I looked for Doug but he wasn't there it seems. I told them how I loved how it sounded and that what light show there was, was excellent and then I made my way over to Tambo man so I could say hi, we talked for a couple minutes about his old bands DC Talk and Tait, I've actually seen him before and didn't know it. Funny how small the world is. Then after most of the people cleared out, I got Ben to sign my vinyl and a handshake before he was moved to a car by a burly looking black dude and Tambo man.

The drive home consisted of the S.T. and WEaEA at full blast for 3 and a half hours, good times in all.

f*ckING AMAZING SHOW. The only thing I'm sad about was that I can't make anymore shows this year, and I won't get to see anybody else. :-[ Micheal even asked me if I was going to make it to see the rock show and I told him I couldn't, he was disappointed so was I though. I asked him if Jared and Sam were around, since it's two hours to Nashville and they were at home where I expected them to be, it was a shot in the dark I know but I wanted to try and get them all to sign my vinyl.

still, f*ckING AMAZING SHOW.

Album Board / Anybody else?
« on: September 30, 2008, 02:43:51 PM »
Noticed that WtN is in the Folk Genre on Windows Media Player?

Normally I don't notice things like that but I deleted the leak off my Windows to re-rip the cd and I saw it and thought it was pretty weird, or maybe it's a joke by Ben.

Transcription / Lyrics to the Real Dr. Yang
« on: September 22, 2008, 12:08:30 AM »
Well it leaked and I had some time on my hands while watching The Forbidden Kingdom so I decided to do this.


Hey Dr. Yin
Chain Smoking Chinese Centenarian
Deck my back with Pins
Connect the Wires and Plug me in


Hey love Master Z
Sexy Online Pyschic Overseas
When My Bank Card Clears
Tell Me things I want to Hear

Yea, Yea

Well I might Be Dyin'
Or Maybe I got to much time
I can't stop my mind
It's runnin' right
with these false teeth
and these plastic knees
Go Squeak Squeak Squeak
From the Porch to the street

Hey Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey Hey

Hey Dr. Jack
Bend me like a Prentzel Till I crack
All my joints and Bones
Beat me up and send me home

I've got to much time
Baby may I might be dyin'
Got to help me Fallin' Doctor
Got to Help me Fallin'

Hey Dr Yang

There are a couple of words I'm not too sure about in there, so when you get the album tell me what you think. I'll come back and edit it when I can.

General Board / Ben in Movies....
« on: September 06, 2008, 12:19:35 AM »
.....which I knew a couple of a couple of his musical contributions to films.

HOWEVER, I did NOT know that he did the "Prom Tonight Song" from "Not Another Teen Movie".

Which I kinda liked that movie up until I heard that song then I loved it, funny I never really realized why up until now.

Makes sense I loved his style parody Weird Al did when I saw Al in concert without knowing that it was Ben's parody. Though Ruben couldn't really pull off the piano craziness as well as Ben did in the recording it was a fair effort.

Tour Board / Louisville Meet Up?
« on: September 01, 2008, 01:27:30 PM »
Okay I stole this from Allison.

That being said. I live about three hours away from this gig and I was going to drive up like 5 hours earlier if anyone was going to it and wanted to hang around with other people who were going to see it.

I know a least three or four people are following him for four or five days and I didn't know if anyone was going to this show or not. I'd be willing to pick a place to meet and set it up, but I'd have to know if anybody was going.

Musical discovery / Damon Albarn
« on: August 20, 2008, 09:09:28 PM »
So anyone on these boards like the great Damon Albarn?

I've got everything he's done so far, I really want to try and see Monkey once before it's over.

Ben's Old Five / Ever met the members of the band?
« on: August 09, 2008, 11:00:08 PM »
I've never personally met Ben, Darren, or Robert. I have however really comtemplated tracking Robert down the next time I'm in North Carolina. I have a couple friends who live in Raliegh and I was planning on staying with them sometime. Then sometime tracking him down to get his autograph or something.

Does anybody know what he's up to recently?

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