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Album Board / Way to Normal track rating [Spoilers]
« on: September 24, 2008, 08:20:21 AM »
Okay, apologies if there's already a similar thread. And double apologies to those utlra-loyal among us who must be hating all this talk about the album before they've even heard it. Anyway, I thought it'd be cool if we gave each song a rating out of 10 and a couple of comments.
I'll start:

Hiroshima - 6.75/10 - pretty cheesy stuff, what with the audience - it reminds me of bad artists who use audience cheering sounds to tell idiots "Look, we're popular! Like us or be left out". Of course, Folds isn't one of those artists and that isn't the desired effect at all, but I'm sure lots of people will think that if the song is ever released. On the positive side, it's pretty catchy (especially "You wanna know what's in my head) and it refuses to be conventional.

Dr Yang - 9/10 - I love the way this track sounds, it's totally unexpected and it reminds me of "Sports and Wine". It'd make a suitable next single.

The Frown Song - 8/10 - Another surprising sound, and again it's great. Great chorus.

You Don't Know Me - 9/10 - We've all had plenty of time to make up our mind on this one and I love it. Ben Folds and this Regina Spektor woman sing together really smoothly and really well.

Before Cologne - it's practically the beginning of Cologne so I won't give it it's own rating.

Cologne - 9.5/10 - my favourite track on the album. It's that raw emotion, the kind that has always been Folds' strongest skill. Very good stuff, and it takes a great artist like Folds to have already topped it with Evaporated, but nonetheless superb.

Errant Dog - 7/10 - not really digging the sound yet, but I'm sure it'll grow on me - loving the thumping beat

Free Coffee - 8/10 - really interesting, unique sound straight away, allows us to focus on Folds' lyrics and voice

Bitch Went Nuts - 8/10 - pretty hilarious stuff!

Brainwashed - 8/10 - again, a really great beat though you can't help feel that it's an argument that shouldn't really involve us! Catchy, though!

Effington - 7.25/10 - this track beats along like a train, doesn't it? Very likeable.

Kylie from Connecticut - 8/10 - if it weren't for Cologne, this would be the bare soul of the album. Great stuff.

Overall, at first listen this might seem like Supersunnyspeedgraphic 2, or Naked Baby Photos 3 - a random collection of songs, mostly guilty pleasures - but with every further listen I'm seeing more and more that this has a sadness all the way through, mostly hidden but clear in Cologne and Kylie. Even if the sounds of the songs vary wildly, there's good continuity all the way through. I'd put this right in the middle between Silverman and Suburbs at 9/10.

Your turn!

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