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Hi all,

I've just released a single + music video, and I was hoping you'd all give it a watch & listen!

Watch + Free Download:
Listen + Free Download:

It's probably closer to 70s Elton John than it is Ben Folds, but it's all in the same universe. 

I hope you enjoy.  Any thoughts are appreciated & welcomed  :)

Tour Board / BFF Live - Nashville Ryman Auditorium 9-17-2012
« on: July 31, 2012, 12:48:53 PM »
Who's going??

I've seen Ben a dozen times or so beginning with the 2002-2003 solo piano college runs, but seeing the original Five has always been on my list of events I'd like to have witnessed.  I went for tickets to their reunion show in NC as soon as the bell sounded, but I was unable to get 2 before they instantly sold out. I was VERY disappointed because TUBORM is my favorite record from Ben (solo or otherwise).

This year luck was on my side, as I landed front row! I think it was some cosmic payback for being snubbed those years ago.

By now, I've heard them do a fairly similar set from a few festival shows so far this year. I'm interested in the new material, so considering it's the night before the album is officially released, I'm wondering if we might start to hear some new tracks trickle into the set by then?

Tour Board / BF5 @ Mountain Jam
« on: June 02, 2012, 03:57:50 PM »
Is anyone else watching this awesome gig online?

The set list is fantastically full of old school BF5. I'm ripping the whole audio and will have some video up on YouTube tonight as well. They're sounding GREAT!

Musical discovery / Ben Folds Youtube Cover Project
« on: April 04, 2010, 01:50:13 PM »
Hello all.

My name is Brad.  I've been a Ben Folds fan since the last BFF album in 1999.  I've seen around 15 Ben Folds shows, starting with this solo piano tour in 2002-2003.  I've had this site, as well as the .org on my bookmarks for years, but am only just now getting around to registering here.

I'm 24 & have begun making my own music, here in Nashville.  I'd like to share a project I'm doing with you all, as it involves Ben Folds.  In preparation for some studio time later this year, I'm reconstructing some of my favorite recordings, using only my digital piano, a usb mic, and garageband, in order to understand what makes these records so special for me.  In this way, I'll be able to have more meaningful input when my own songs are being recorded.  I started with some Elton John work, but I've also decided to begin working on some of Ben Folds more interesting studio takes.

The first one I've done is "Jane" from the album that made me a fan.  You can check out the video here:

I plan on doing 9-11 more songs of Ben's.  Let me know if there are any Ben/BFF recordings that you think are classic because of their production values.

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