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6/February/2014 - by Allison

There's concerto world domination in the process. Almost daily new tour dates are being annouced. Recently reported that it will be an 18 month tour! Check out our tourlisting and RSVP, find out what other Burbians are going to your show! There are occasional solo Ben and piano dates interspersed in the listing (like Kalamazoo, MI). 

Also February 19, Ben is Superjamming with The Flaming Lips for Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival's BLAM! It's an online concert for the Bonnaroo line up for 2014. Typically the performers also show up at the farm that summer. 

In other Ben related news, he was recently on an episode of NBC's hit comedy Community. He also penned and performed a song for the episode. Which thanks to our own fireworksordie you can get! Also, if you want to keep up with Ben on even MORE social media (you know you want to) he's finally joined the (public) Instagram world. 

In Darren and Robert watch. Darren and Hotel Lights are hard at work in the studio recording what will be the fourth Hotel Lights LP. I, for one, am certainly excited. Robert has equally been busy sitting in on gigs all over North Carolina and an album or two. Check out his bass playing on Debbie Liske's new record Extra Mile (Spotify Link). 

No news about what might be in the future plans for Ben Folds Five. They opened for Billy Joel on New Year's Eve, but that's the last we've heard on that front. Ben's site still features the boys though, so that is certainly a good sign. Spending some time apart (apparently 18 months) and then hopefully back to LP 5!

Sidenote: Our lovely admin, Andy has become a father in the past few months! Major congrats to Andy! (That baby is stinkin' cute from the posts I've seen.) And I'm back in school full time. So sorry for any delays, or less action on theBurbs front! I am trying to keep up with the Facebook and Twitter updates. Feel free to send and post any news!

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